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Resident describe fear, pain of bee attack

By Michael Slother | email

IDALOU, TX (KCBD) – A bee attack sent four Idalou residents to University Medical Center on Sunday, with possibly even more people suffering bee stings.   Updated information on their conditions was not available as of Monday evening.

Linda Samarrepa describes the attack for KCBD NewsChannel 11, saying her weekend was going just fine until she saw hundreds of bees swarming her yard and attacking her daughter.

"There was yelling and screaming and then I saw her doing this with her hair," Samarrepa recalled as she made a motion with her hand over her head.   "And that's when I saw all the bees around her."

"I was pulling them out of her hair any way that I could with my hands. I was squashing them and the more that I pulled them out, the more [they] were coming and they were just all around us."

Samarrepa's daughter, Gabby, says it all started when kids threw rocks at a beehive.  It didn't take long for the bees to strike back. She says the bees stung her on her face, and continued to attack.

"They got me right here, on my back and on my chest," Gabby says.  

EMS teams rushed to the scene to help victims, but Idalou's Fire Chief, Ed Willbanks, said there was only so much they could do.

"We've been out to spray down bees before." Willbanks says, "We spray them down, but we don't kill them. They get that foam on them and they can't move, but we're not really an exterminator.

Tim Gafford of Gafford Pest Control gave some tips on what to do if attacked by bees. "Get somewhere where it's cool and stay there. If you've got bee stings, lay down or go to a doctor, but stay in a cool place, or put ice on it."

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