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Research shows a few extra pounds can be good for you

Finally some good news on the weight loss front - a new body of research suggests it's actually healthier to carry a few extra pounds.

First, two studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found people who are slightly overweight are no more likely to die from cancer or cardiovascular disease. And according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, an extra 10 pounds may keep that bone loss condition at bay because fat produces estrogen which can increase bone mass and that's good.

In addition, a study at UT Southwestern adds that a few extra pounds, if you accept them and wear them with a smile, can actually be good for your self esteem. "It's also hard to maintain and I think people get in trouble working hard toward achieving a goal that's not necessarily achievable for them and so it's important to recognize that if you have a little bit of extra weight, it's not necessarily a problem," says Dr. Eve Guth, a bariatric specialist.

The message here is be healthy in your own skin. Because if you are slightly overweight it can still be healthier to maintain that and feel good about it rather than bounce from diet to diet in frustration because you want to be thin.

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