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Home Safety and You

You're about to read the 911 call made by 81-year-old A.L. "Chuck" Hawkins after he was stabbed by an unknown man early Friday morning.

911: "911, What's your emergency?"
Hawkins: "Someone broke into my house and beat me up."
911: " Did they have any weapons that you know of?"
Hawkins: "I'm bleeding from my face. I haven't been bleeding long but I doubt it's serious."
911: "We'll send EMS out there to check you out. Did this just happen?"
Hawkins: "Yes."
911: "Are they gone?"
Hawkins: "As far as I know, I hope hey are."
911: "Should there be anyone in the house with you?"
Hawkins: "No ma'am."

Lubbock police say they're looking for a Hispanic man in his 30's, who broke into Hawkins' home, stole from him, and then stabbed him several times while Hawkins was sleeping. Detective Anita Barbosa says this was an unfortunate crime.

"No, we haven't had that happen. The home invasion type. It's not very common at all. Not here," said Barbosa.

So how can you protect yourself?

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"A burglar; if he wants to get in, he's going to get in. You just have to make it harder for him to get in," says Barbosa.

There's more to home safety than just locking you front door. There are several things you can do to keep criminals from breaking in. On windows for instance, you should have some kind of stopper, so when someone tries to enter from the outside, the window will only open up so far.

Detective Barbosa says cutting a broom stick and propping it in the window will work. And keep in mind that prickly shrubs and rose bushes help keep the perpetrator out.

If you do see or hear anything suspicious, always call 911.

Detective Barbosa also says it is not a good idea to sleep with your windows open. Install motion sensor lights around you house. If you're running a business from your home, install a security system, and most importantly get to know your neighbors.

The suspect in the Hawkins' case is described as a Hispanic man in his 30's. Hawkins told police he was wearing a blue tank top and blue shorts. If you have information about the case, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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