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A different kind of Memorial Day service

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Memorial Day, honoring heroes is common practice. For friends and family of the Willed Body Program at Texas Tech, it was about paying respects to those who donated their bodies to medical research.

At the Resthaven Cemetery, medical students and doctors shared their gratitude with families of the donors as they know they too have made a sacrifice.

Hundreds of people gathered at the memorial site including Patricia White and Amy Cole. They came to honor their mother Billy Jane Gordon. "I was sad, I miss her," White said.

The service began with music and prayer and finished with stories from medical students thanking the family members of those who donated. Everyone had a different reason to be a donor; White recalls her mother's decision. "I think she wanted to further medical science," she said. "She doesn't believe in mourning. She wanted people to go on with life."

Claude Lobstein, manager of the Willed Body Program, wishes he could thank the donors, but he's happy that he can show their loved ones his thanks.
"I would reach out and tell these people how much help they have benefited mankind," Lobstein continued. "In training the doctors, the physical therapists, the pharmacy, what they have done is immeasurable."

As for White and Cole, they were glad to see their mother continue to make a difference.
"I think it's a different way to look at it. I was moved. I actually went to talk to one of the medical students," White said. "They listened to me, they thanked me and said he'd keep in mind as he went through his studies what I had to say"

For more information on the willed body program at Texas Tech, (click here). 

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