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Triple digit temps raise the potential for heat related illnesses

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Temperatures across the South Plains are supposed to breach triple digits throughout the week. As the weather warms up, so does the potential for heat related illness.

Estacado High School baseball coach Hector Limon makes sure his team is ready to handle the elements. "Our player's know they can come in and get a drink whenever," says Coach Limon.

Water breaks are essential to overcoming the dry heat that athletes face. Staying hydrated not only keeps players healthy, but keeps them on the field and in the game.

"On the field, they don't react as well physically," says Limon. "I've had a few cases where kids have gotten to that point and we just try to calm them down, cool them down, and if they're able to go, we let them go, and if not we'll make a substitution."

Dr. Joe Sasin, a University Medical Center Emergency Room Doctor, says to watch for escalating symptoms. "It really just starts as muscle cramps or tightness and then progresses to weakness and dizziness, lightheaded they can't perform their activity."

While Sasin can't be on the field with the baseball players, he has some advice if they're feeling the heat. "First, stop the physical activity. Second, get to a cool shaded area. Third, hydrate yourself and if possible wet yourself or clothing to help evaporate better."

As the team warms up, so does the temperature. The Estacado Matadors are one game away from the state playoffs. Coaches and trainers are doing their part to make sure the boys are ready to beat the competition, and the heat. "It was kind of a warning to us to hydrate a little better and to do things differently," Limon said.

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