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Fan drive launches just before heat wave


By Michael Slother | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Experience Life Church and Lowe's Home Improvement store are teaming up to launch a fan drive to help Lubbock residents without air conditioning. The timing is perfect as temperatures will be well over 100 degrees this weekend.

The program began Wednesday after KCBD News Channel 11 found no organization with plans to help those in need of cooling off this year. Donations can be made during church service hours or at Lowe's.

Jill Heflin, Events Coordinator for Experience Life, is glad she can help make a difference.
"People not having air conditioning, I mean that's a huge problem. And it was surprising for me to learn that there was nothing, no organization or anything in place to help alleviate that." Heflin continued. "But I think that's where we come in as a community, you know people helping people."

In Lynn County, Alicia Hollis and Barbara Wilson have to come up with substitutes for air conditioning. "It gets so hot in here what we do is we keep these [ice packs] in the freezer and they're supposed to go with your cokes and stuff but we actually put them behind our backs that way it stays a little bit cooler and sit by the fan," said Wilson.
As temperatures continue to rise, so does their concern for cooling down their house
"It's very hot, you take a lot of showers, and you sweat a lot," said Hollis.

You can find a fan in nearly every room in her home. There are floor fans, window fans, and ceiling fans. Together they attempt to compensate for the lack of air conditioning. Imagine how hot they'd be without the fans. That's the position many Lubbock residents find themselves in.

"Without the fans moving around some circulation I wouldn't come home. I wouldn't live here. There's no way you could," Wilson said.

If you'd like to find out more information about how to make donations you can contact Experience Life Church at (806) 771- 9708.

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