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Levelland, Texas man has idea to stop Gulf oil spill


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – For more than a month oil has been spilling into the Gulf coast and now a Levelland man believes he has an idea to stop it.

David Jackson has spent 13 years working on oil wells deep in the ocean; a dangerous job with the fatality rate at 13% among his co-workers. Working on several British Petroleum projects in the past (for a company that subcontracted with BP), he now has an idea that could help stop the oil leak.

Jackson's plan is based around a coffer dam that looks like an upside bowl. Workers would lower the steel and concrete dam over the leak. The problem is the pressure from the oil is so great that it would blow the dam off.

To prevent that from happening, Jackson said a valve would be placed at the top of the dam to release the pressure. Once the dam was locked down completely where it couldn't move, the valve could be shut off.

"Not only could you stop the leak immediately, they could also kill the well," said Jackson.

He said this has already worked in once in the area of the SOB and OBM fields in the Gulf of Mexico and it could work on the current leak, but he feels he is getting the run around with BP. "I called B. P. and what they stated was, give us your idea and we'll put it in a pool and if it works we'll have a talk about," he said, "It's in the hands of B. P. They can make this work. It's a doable thing and it has been done before."

Jackson feels he should get paid by B. P. for his idea but he said what he wants the most is to stop the oil leak.

(James Clark contributed to this report)

Correction:  We reported that Jackson said this technique worked once in Campeche, Mexico.  It was actually in U.S. waters in the area of the SOB and OBM fields.

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