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The Brown and Crisp: Does It Work?

For under $15 you can cook food to perfection. Using the Brown and Crisp. It doesn't matter if the food is frozen or not. The makers claim you can bake, broil, fry, and steam, but Does It Work?

The makers of the Brown and Crisp claim their product cooks like in the oven, but using your microwave. The idea behind this product is to cut your cooking time in half. The secrets supposedly in these bags.

You get 20 large cooking bags, and 10 small ones in your package. We've got a whole chicken and frozen hamburger patties. The instructions say you just stick the patty inside the bag and cook it for only five minutes. Which I did.

It's cooked all the way through. But this next task might be a challenge for the Brown and Crisp. We have a three and half pound whole chicken to cook. So, in order for it to brown, the instruction say to butter the inside of the bag.

Then, I placed the chicken inside the bag and set the time for 22 minutes. After 22 minutes, time to check the chicken. I discovered there was still some pink underneath the leg. Plus, this chicken doesn't look anything like the chicken on the box.

The Brown and Crisp was nothing but a hopeless product. It doesn't work.

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