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2010 CMN Miracle Kid Austin Davidson

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A doctor at the Children's Hospital at UMC is using a cooling blanket on newborns whose hearts stop at birth to protect them from brain damage.  

Doctors use cold fluid to chill the body down to 91 degrees. The idea is to slow the body's demand for blood and oxygen to the brain, which will hopefully also slow down any brain damage. "The hypothermia protocol about doubles the chance that you'll leave with your brain functioning well, leave with your brain intact," says cardiologist John Hawkins, M.D.

That was the emergency procedure for Austin Davidson who took his first breath 11 minutes after he was born. Immediately, Doctor Ana Rojas called for that same new cooling technique to save Austin's brain. "It's still somewhat experimental. It's not widespread. Not everybody uses it. Fortunately, I did my NICU training at a center where it was part of the clinical trials," says Dr. Ana Rojas, UMC Neonatologist. 

"Whenever she came and told me she was very calm. She said, Just remember, your baby is alive right now. We're going to put him on a cooling blanket to help save his brain from any deterioration," says Heath Davidson, Austin's father. It is truly a miracle that Austin is alive today after 11 minutes without oxygen at birth.

We have more on his incredible recovery and the use of that new cooling technique on newborns during the Children's Miracle Network broadcast this weekend live from UMC right here on KCBD NewsChannel 11.

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