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Food for Thought Report 5.1

This week we've got a new place to tell you about, an old favorite that makes the list again and there's just one Low Performer.

The name means "the highest point" and how true that is this week. Nirvana at 5130 80th Street is a Food for Thought Top Performer with zero critical violations. Owner Veejay Reddy says whether customers enjoy the fine Indian cuisine during the daily lunch buffet or a over long leisurely dinner, he hopes they find the experience unique. "Lubbock has many eating places but we wanted to give this one--a place everybody could come, relax and enjoy," says Reddy.

No spoon will go unturned when it comes to keeping everything clean. "Every spoon, every table has to be examined. That's the only way to keep the place clean and then we comply with all the health codes," says Reddy.

If you're looking for a meal on the go, then remember our next Top Performer is no stranger to the list. Tommy's drive in at 117 North University also gets a perfect score this week.

Our only Low Performer this time is 50th Street Caboose at 5025 50th St. That's where four critical violations were found. Violations including:

  • Green sauce found at 130 degrees after two hours. It should have been cooled to 70 degrees within two hours.
  • A dish washer did not wash hands before handling clean dishes and a cook did not wash hands after handling raw meat.
  • A hand sink in the bar was not draining properly and the batter station was not being broken down every four hours to be cleaned.

Other violations included tortillas stored on the floor, damage to floors and a wall, a soiled ice machine and damaged food carts.

One of the owners of 50th Street Caboose told us everything was corrected on site and the public's health and safety are top priority at the restaurant, and 50th Street Caboose has been a Top Performer in the past and they look forward to being a Top Performer again. The report also shows that all critical violations were corrected on site.

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