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Low voter turnout concerns District 1 candidates

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Ending violent crime, making sure the east side of town gets their fair share of city resources, and strong leadership. These are all things both candidates for the District 1 city council seat say are important.

Lubbock voters in District 1 have the chance to choose their new leadership, but many voters in that district have not turned out to let their voice be heard. On Sunday, only 29 people went to the polls.  "A small number of people will make the decision for the 14,000 plus that live in that district, unless they get out and vote," said Dorothy Kennedy with the Elections Office.

By then end of the weekend only 736 of about 14,000 registered voters in District 1 had cast a ballot in the City Council run-off election. Kennedy says turn-out is usually lower in run-offs, but this is even lower than normal. "We're hoping that picks up the last few days of early voting," said Kennedy. 

The candidates have noticed the low turnout, and say they're trying to boost the numbers. "We're just gonna keep knocking on doors and try to find a reason to give people incentive to get out there and vote," said candidate Glen Robertson. 

Robertson plans to campaign as much as possible next week. "I think we may have to get out this week and really start talking about the difference between me and my opponent," he said. 

Victor Hernandez, the other candidate said, "I'd like to encourage all of out supporters to go out and vote."

Voters can cast a ballot during early voting Monday and Tuesday at the Office of Elections, City Hall, at Amigos on N. University, or United Supermarket at 50th and Avenue Q. Election Day is June 12th.

The candidates will keep encouraging people to go to the polls because they know, especially with so few ballots cast, every vote counts.

Both Robertson and Hernandez say one of the biggest issues facing District 1 is crime. Two stabbings on Friday brought the issue some attention. Robertson says he wants to battle the issue by hiring more police. "We've got to find a way to get more police officers. I think where we differ is I want to find the money to pay for police officers in the current budget, and I'm afraid my opponent wants to find the money for the officers through tax raises," said Robertson. 

Victor Hernandez said,"Keep an eye out for your neighbor. As the weather continues to be hot and people's tolerance gets short, we should help each other out as neighbors."

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