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Old but not worn out, can 34th St. live up to taxpayer investment?

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – You could think of 34th Street as Lubbock's version of Route 66 during its heyday.  While other east/west thoroughfares exist in Lubbock, 34th Street is still a major engine of economic growth in Lubbock.  Within the next 18 months a 1.9 mile stretch of 34th Street will be completely torn up and rebuilt from scratch.  This could lead to a lot business owners feeling uncertain or downright scared.

"I think the most important thing is for the business owners along 34th to know that we are listening to them," says Kerry C. Miller with Parkhill Smith & Cooper.  "That we do care about business, drivers being able to reach them, get to their parking lots."

Miller, along with other engineers literally walked door-to-door to each business for two things; one, tell them what's going to happen, and two, listen to their ideas. 

Miller says when his company was hired to work on 34th Street he thought he would find a lot of rundown buildings, empty storefronts and urban decay.  He did not.  The only decay he found was the asphalt and concrete in the public right of way, which is soon to be revitalized (a 1.9 mile portion of it) thanks to the November 2009 bond election.  More than $20 Million will go to 34th street.

Miller and others were also surprised to learn that 34th Street is still, after 70 years, a major hub of business creation in Lubbock.  Before one jackhammer starts and before one square foot of new concrete is laid the engineers and planners plan to listen to the businesses and the general public.

Below is schedule of public meetings on the 34th Street project, each beginning at 6:00 p.m.

June 28th       University Avenue to IH-27

Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center; 3201 Avenue Q


June 29th       Indiana Avenue to University Avenue

Hutchinson Middle School; 3102 Canton Avenue


June 30th         Quaker Avenue to Indiana Avenue

Overton Elementary; 2905 Louisville Avenue


July 1st           Slide Road to Quaker Avenue

Coronado High School; 3307 Vicksburg Avenue

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