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Please read this all the way to the last line! THEN decide whether you choose to Delete it or Forward it!

1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.
* * * * * * * *
2. All ballots will be in the language of the country
* * * * * * * *
3.. All government business will be conducted in our official language.
* * * * * * * *
4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how
long they've been here illegally.
* * * * * * * *
5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office
* * * * * * * *
6 Foreigners will not be allowed to be a burden to taxpayers - No welfare, no food
stamps, no free health care or other government assistance programs.
Any burden will be deported.
* * * * * * * *
7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
* * * * * * * *
8. If foreigners come here and buy land... options will be restricted. Certain
parcels including waterfront property are reserved for natural-born citizens.
* * * * * * * *
9. Foreigners may have no right to protests or demonstrations, no waving of a
foreign flag, no political organizing, no complaints about our policies. This will lead to deportation.
* * * * * * * *
10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted; when caught you'll be sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.
* * * * * * * * *
Too strict ?
These laws are current immigration laws of MEXICO !

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I saw this posting on Facebook earlier today.  It seems to be a popular topic anywhere you go.  I saw many opinions to the story on the site, one especially stood out in regards to the Mexicans not having such thing as Border Patrols.  As a matter of fact they do, many don't know or don't see them because they guard the Guatemala-Belize border about as good as the American Patrols. What many don't realize is the the Mexican Patrols can be even more hard asses than the Americans to keep them or any others from Central America. (Please look into this.)
So we want to cut down on crime and drug imports, you blame them when we are the ones that demand it. We are the consumers and we are the ones that pay for it to be smuggled in. Lets not act stupid and blind, its a dirty job but there are obviously people that will do it. You would be surprised on how many of our American neighbors are the consumers, just 'cause you don't see the fancy wheels in the drive ways or the jewelry dangling doesn't make you (Us Americans) innocent. WE (AMERICANS) ARE AS GUILTY FOR CONSUMING AS THOSE BRING IT IN. Someone is buying it, you tell me who it is.
As for the immigration law, if you can make it work go for it. Ask me about my status if you like. We are so gullible to think this will fix and stop the illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. We will never put an end to this, I know people that work under so many different names, and once again we are the ones who provide the identities.  This happens in the city and out on the farms.  Some of those being other man people from Mexico working here with totally different identities.  Please do not be confused on my status towards the Immigration Law,  I just believe we should be more focused on approaching this from a different angle,  Please don't ask from what angle, I'm just stating the obvious facts. 
Thank you for your time and I really hope Dan Jackson takes the time to read this email.  I am a very big fan of the news station and "Consider This"  and damn proud to be an American.

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I am one to the 10's of thousands of Hispanic Americans that completely oppose this Arizona law, and agree not only with the Mexican President about "racial profiling", but along with our own American President, that condemns the Arizona law.... On what basis is this 70% of all Americans that support this law? Is it the KCBD poll that you are referring to, or based on factual, substantiated polling system that is verifiable?? I cannot support a law or proposed law that allows law enforcement to "specifically" target an entire race of people simply based on their ethnicity.... Of course you would not understand this concept, because you are not a person of color, who has not had to live with some level of racism in their lifetime.. Walk in my shoes or in the shoes of "any" person of color or ethnicity other than "caucasian" and see if you still support this measure, and can so "easily" oppose something that you know absolutely nothing about.... I was born and raised in West Texas, and racism within our own area remains in existance, and all this "SO-CALLED LAW" would do, is amplify the problem... 

I used to have a great deal of respect for your "Consider This" portion of your news segment, but Dan, "consider this", you're wrong on this one...

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Dan Jackson, I could NOT have said it better!  This administration and congress are killing our country and immigration is at the top of my "not happy about it" list, with the healthcare disaster an immediate second.  I certainly hope November is a turning point to stop this insanity!
Even though it's not politically correct (and I don't care), I prefer to call people entering our country illegally "illegal aliens," as opposed to "immigrants," as "immigrant" refers to someone who intends to move to the US (for example) permanently, contribute to the community and therefore the nation, and enjoy the title and privileges of American life in every possible legal way.  "Aliens" on the other hand are like parasites that sneak in, take all that they can, and then move on once they've damaged and utilized all they can with no intention or desire to contribute anything in return to the country they've invaded.  It may be a harsh contrast, but it's not unlike the aliens seen in horror movies of late, but I guess you can call that MY "Consider This" moment! 
Anyway, thanks for once again telling it exactly like it is!  Please keep up the good work!

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I would like to know why it has taken so long for a state to put in this law?  Go and read the federal law and it is no different that the law arizona has put in.  THe only thing is that arizona has the guts to uphold this law which the govt should have been doing all along.  I am really stating to dislike the usa because everywhere i go is spanish.  When did spanish become our language?  California and Texas need to step up to the plate....

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I agree with Arazona and their handling of the elligal immigration. Mexico doesn't have anything to talk about with their handling of there immigration problem.

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I completely agree with you,  it is time to CLOSE our borders and try to find those who are in our country illegally.  If we were to go to Mexico or any other country, you can bet your bottom dollar that we would have to show some proof of who we are.  Several times, each week, we have people coming by that can't even speek English, but want a job, and most have some sort of proof that they are legal.  Maybe if we would get those illigal people off our benifit programs, I might be able to draw enough money off of my social security benifits to be able to live, without having to work, at 73 years of age.  I absolutely hate to have to push #1 to speak to someone in English.

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I would fully support having a similar law here in TX. Being in this country is a privilege, not a right. Not all, but a majority of Mexican immigrants come to the US to exploit it.

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As usual, you nailed this one..!!!

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I really believe the Arizona law promotes racial profiling. Consider this: unless everyone accused of an infraction is questioned, it will be racial profiling. How many Canadians are here illegally?  Who knows?  Can you personally tell the difference between a good english-speaking Canadian and a U.S. citizen? I know I can't. Taking into account not all Canadians are French-Canadian. That is just one example.

Thank you for letting me express my opinion.

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When a study is done they don't ask all the population they get a handful of Americans. So anyone can make a study for example I asked 20 of my friends and out of all only 3 were for the new law and 17 against it. Apparently this study won't be aired. I would like to know what are suspicious attributes one would like to have in order to be asked for proper naturalization documentation. As I am an immigrant I am for immigration reform for those already here for legalization and proper steps to do it. I am against those immigrants, not just those to the south, who come and send money back to their countries, I am against immigrants coming and breaking "real laws". Racial profiling.....who is this law to be enforced on when most immigrants in Arizona are from the south of the border I doubt they will ask an anglo for documentation.

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As you may know, it takes about ten years for a US citizen to become a citizen of another country and there must be proof of financial backing during the entire process. It would be nice if US citizens could have dual citizenship if they wished. Not possible though. I have been wondering if we are going to be a "walk-in" country. If so, we should be given the freedom to leave. Although, where to? Thanks for giving us hope.

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All I can say is "You took the words right out of my mouth".  God bless Arizona and anyone else who follows suit!!

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I agree 100% with your commentary.  There is not one person I've talked to who has anything against LEGAL immigrants - for Heaven sake, that's what makes this country so unique and it's how we got our start.  LEGAL migration is welcomed and anyone who wants to become a LEGAL citizen of this country is and should be welcomed and championed and encouraged.  BUT.......I am sick to death of the ILLEGAL (does anyone remember what that word means???) influx of mexicans and whoever else into this country, and more than that, I'm sick to death of the liberals who try to make anyone opposing ILLEGAL immigration look like racists.  What we are, are normal, ordinary citizens of this once great country who are outraged and have had enough.  These ILLEGAL immigrants have no respect for our country, our flag, our laws, our way of life.  They really think we owe them the right to live here without becoming a LEGAL citizen, and they think they have the right to demand that we take care of them when they don't now, and never will, contribute anything to this country.  The very sickening photos of the most likely ILLEGAL (and if they're not, then their parents most assuredly probably are) mexican students at Montebello High School in California taking down the USA flag, turning it upside down and then flying it below the mexican flag, has been the final nail in the coffin for me.   I have no sympathy for them, and if they are so dang proud of their flag, then why aren't they in the country it represents?  I say it's time for America to clean house - too much brown dirt messing her up.  And if this country allows the stinking president of mexico to come here as a guest of our government, and then rant to us about our immigration laws again - I say ship everyone of the government agents who invite him right back to mexico with him!  I think they will find out real quick just how intolerant and very harsh mexico's immigration laws are.  There's only one - you will get shot in the head if you go to THEIR country and decry THEIR laws.  Sickening that such a hypocrit was allowed to even speak on the subject, much less have some of those idiots applaud what he said! 
I wish I had a million dollars to spend - every penny of it would go toward trying to make sure the border between mexico and the United States was very strictly patroled, and I am not embarrassed to say I would make sure the Border Parol agents were well armed.  As I said - I'm sick to death of this mess, and I'm sick to death of "political correctness".

Consider This... Mexican President Blasts Immigration Law
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson's take on Mexican President Felipe Calderon blasting Arizona's controversial new immigration law to Congress.

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