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Decision 2003: The Final Push

"Well, I think that you're living off adrenaline right now," said David Langston. "I'm tired," said Carl Isett. Two of 17 candidates for congress. Racing towards the finish line, one phone call at a time.

"What we want is two signs at each place," said Langston.

"Thanks so much, and tell Donna I said hello," said Isett.

At one point, Langston actually called Isett. "I told him that he had a magnificent political machine, told him about two little boys on bicycles that had come and put door hangers on my door," laughed Langston.

A moment of levity in a high stakes campaign. As of two weeks ago, the entire field of candidates had already spent over $1.3 million. A figure expected to nearly double by tomorrow night. Langston alone expects to spend $250,000. Isett? $530,000.

"I told my staff we weren't going to lose with money in the bank," said Isett.

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No matter how much money was spent, everyone has the same confidence. "So you want a campaign to peak within the last two weeks, and of course you want the absolute peak on election day. And we feel like we've been successful at that," said Langston.

One thing is certain, for campaign workers, May 3rd can't come soon enough. As for who's in the lead, candidates say they haven't polled for three weeks. But at that time the front runners, in no particular order, were Carl Isett, David Langston, Randy Neugebauer, Mike Conaway, Stace Williams, and Vickie Sutton.

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