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Texas Tech awaits conference decision

By Pete Christy - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - While a Kansas City TV Station reported Texas and Texas A&M were leaving Texas Tech behind and going to the Big 10, Tech Chancellor Kent Hance told KCBD NewsChannel 11 that was absurd.

Chancellor Hance did tell us A&M has a disagreement on where they want to go and Texas has a disagreement with A&M on where to go. However, he was confident Tech is in a good position and within a week to 10 days, they should know what conference they'll be heading to.

Hance still holds out hope the Big 12 can somehow stay together, adding schools for those that leave. Thursday, Colorado accepted an invite to the Pac 10 and they announced they'd be leaving the Big 12.

On Friday, Nebraska is expected to publicly state they are heading to the Big 10. That is expected to implode the Big 12 as Tech, Texas, A&M, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are expected to move to the Pac 10.

With Colorado accepted to the Pac 10 Thursday, it looks like Baylor may be left out. The fact Colorado has the Denver TV market was attractive to the Pac 10. Chancellor Hance says he would love to stay with Baylor, but it is out of their hands.

Will Tech pack up to the Pac 10 with UT and A&M? Only time will tell.

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