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Lubbock airwaves a buzz about future of college sports

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It's been a watch, listen and wait game for many Red Raider fans about what exactly the future of Texas Tech sports holds. The airwaves over Lubbock are buzzing with how a conference change helps the entire school and community.

Ryan Hyatt talks sports in the afternoons, and lately he's had a lot to talk about. "It is 1000 degrees outside and even hotter on the college football landscape," said Hyatt Friday afternoon during The Fan.

The question of the day on the program: true or false is conference realignment good for college sports? One caller, James, believes it is a good thing and looks forward to new rivalries but does not look forward to the travel changes new teams would bring.

"It's not just a football story, but a community and regional story. I think it is good for college football and I think it is good for fans and requires change on fans part," adds Hyatt.

Hyatt and his co-host Don Williams have witnessed changes on every field and talked about them all for the past 16 years. Now 1340 The Fan's airwaves are a buzz about the latest college sports scramble.

"From the Southwest Conference days to demise of that league and the differences in how this has played out in real time is really a fascinating journey," adds Hyatt who says just like it happened years ago some schools will be left out. "It is the hard feelings and the teams that are not included this time around like Baylor. They made the cut last time and this time politics could not save them this time. It is all about the wallet and the TV markets and it is a different landscape."

The conference shuffle could lead to an even bigger change down the road. "I think what we are seeing is an amalgamation of more power in fewer places which will get us closer to a playoff," adds Hyatt who believes the West Coast should get ready for West Texas. "Tech is waiting around for anyone from the Pac-10 to say will ya? Yea we will go to the prom with you," says Hyatt.

Another hot topic amid all of the talks of change is the travel and what the time change would do for both the fans and athletes. If some of the Big 12 south teams make the move together then there are still those schools that would be within driving distance and if you want to make the 1700 mile trip to the West Coast booking a plane ticket is your best bet.

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