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Consider This... Conference Re-Alignment?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Tech fans, players, and Lubbock citizens finally have relief from all the hype we've endured for over a week. Turns out, we took a long journey and ended up right back where we started in the Big 12.

It's not all bad news. Tech will stay in the conference with big rivals UT and A&M. Also, officials say Tech will make millions more a year with this new deal. The bad news, Texas Tech wasn't given near the deal Texas and A&M got. Why?

Consider This: The mediocre Aggies got as good a deal as the National Champion Longhorns. Texas Tech, with a winning football program, took its place in line with the other less favored conference teams. Of course it doesn't hurt A&M to have the governor as an alumnus who also happens to appoint every single regent for all state universities. Hmmmm!

Bottom line, this entire fiasco had less to do with the fans, the athletes, and the regional area and much more to do with money, power and politics. But it could have been much worse. Now we can look ahead to a new era.

Coach Tommy Tubberville will make his debut in this new big 12. And like most fans, I'll be there to root on the Red Raiders. We may have taken a backseat to power politics on this one, but we won't have to deal with politicians when we take the field against our two biggest rivals this fall.

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