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LISD changes dress code; Mohawks, earrings and cell phones

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - What to wear to school; for kids of all ages, it can be a sensitive subject. Each year the Lubbock I.S.D. School Board looks at modifications to the school's code of conduct, which holds the key to the dress code.

Some changes to the dress code were made Thursday morning that has parents and students talking. Boys can wear earrings and Mohawks are now allowed, but there are some exceptions to the new rules.

Unusual hair styles, including patterns, extreme hair colors and Mohawks were crossed out of the code, making them acceptable. Pony-tails and rat tails for boys are also acceptable. Boys can also now wear earrings.

The District says dress code is a sensitive subject. "I want to be clear we made it a little more broad in other words highly restrictive for hair and earrings for males," says Dr. Kelly Trlica, LISD Chief Academic Officer.

Just because the board eased up on some restrictions, the district will still have final say on whether or not your accessory is a distraction. "Still now allow any kind of earrings, hair for male or female or tattoos that are disruptive or they have gang symbolism," says Trlica.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 Facebook Fans spoke out about LISD's decision:

Martin: It's about time the dress code has been loosened up. I always thought that it was way too strict.

Sheri: LISD has always had a conservative dress code and parents for the most part supported it, but times are changing.

Royce: This is a sad day, they should make them stricter.

Another change to the code, the board lifted the restriction on cell phones also. They realize now that so many kids carry them, to talk about when they need to be picked up from school, and it's convenient. However, they still cannot be used in the classroom.

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