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Pickup truck found that was involved in deadly accident Saturday

By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) –  Sometimes all it takes is one good tip to help police crack a case. That is what investigators got after searching for a second car they believe was involved in a deadly weekend accident. They found evidence parked in a building just down the street from the scene of the accident.

The Saturday accident killed two people and hospitalized a third after the car they were in fell over 100 feet off Highway 87 on to 98th street. The accident left police searching for a Dodge truck believed to be involved in the accident. Investigators say witnesses on the scene described the truck.

"Someone found out the information and knew about it and said it is the right thing to do and called. It completely opened up the case for us," says accident investigator Sgt. John Hayes with the Lubbock Police Department.

The call came Thursday, five days after the accident and the tip took police two miles south of the scene. The evidence was parked inside the El Fronteriso building. "The evidence left at the scene compared to the truck we took for processing is very consistent with the specifics and details of the accident," adds Sgt. Hayes. Without a statement from the driver, Sgt. Hayes says it is not clear whether or not the driver was trying to hide the truck. "It has that appearance but it is difficult to say 100 percent that is what he was trying to do," adds Hayes.

KCBD NewChannel 11 spoke with the owner of El Fronteriso who says he rented the building to a man and that man asked to leave his truck. The owner says he was unaware that was the vehicle police were looking for until they arrived on his property Thursday.

Investigators have not released a name yet, but the owner of the truck is a person of interest whose name has not been released, however we do know that he does have an attorney.

Sgt. Hayes says this case is proof Crime Line tips make a difference. "I've worked cases similar to this before and to this day one is three years old we are still looking at stuff but it remains unsolved," adds Sgt. Hayes who says the tips go to show Lubbock citizens have a strong sense of what is right.

Myrtle and Lois Porter died Saturday after the car they were riding in plunged over 100 feet from the 98th Street overpass. The driver, 75-year-old Willie Gschwend is in satisfactory condition. 

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