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Texas Tech researchers get EPA approval on FiberTect cloth for Gulf oil spill

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Coast Guard is tightening control over about 2,000 boats to help skim the waters. That as Texas Tech researchers announce their FiberTect cloth has proven successful in the cleanup.

Preliminary tests show the cloth made of cotton picked up the rust colored crude oil, and absorbed toxic vapors that have made some clean-up crews sick. Until now, the FiberTect cloth had only been tested in the lab.

The EPA has approved the cloth as an eco-friendly way to trap oil in the water. The Coast Guard is now closely coordinating efforts of boats called in to skim the Gulf waters.

Those boats will be directed to locations within 50 miles of shore. That is closer than what they had originally said. Estimates of just how much oil is being siphoned from the well are also growing. More than 1.2 million gallons were sucked up on Thursday.

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