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Lubbock County claims fired worker never was its employee

Judge Underwood Judge Underwood

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The lawsuit between Lubbock County and Elizabeth Overstreet no sooner got restarted and the County seeks to get it tossed out of court permanently. 

Back in 2007 Overstreet sued Judge Brad Underwood in state court and Lubbock County in federal court.  Overstreet claimed that she was fired as retaliation for reporting sexual harassment by a bailiff, a claim the judge denied. The federal lawsuit was put on hold pending the outcome of the state lawsuit, which has been resolved in Judge Underwood's favor. 

In court documents filed on June 18th, Lubbock County claims that Overstreet was never a county employee, but instead was employed by the Judge Underwood.  Even so, Lubbock County claims it did try to find Overstreet another job. Overstreet claims in a sworn statement that the county did mention another job to her but never followed up.

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