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Adult supervision is the best way to keep your child safe while swimming

Lubbock,TX (KCBD) - It's something most people don't think about after kids get out of the pool and go home, but dry drowning is a real tragedy if symptoms are not caught early enough for children to be treated.

Dr. Vanessa Dalton, a pediatrician at Covenant, explains what to watch for."Usually, there's some event, something that caused the child to inhale and what happened or may not have happened is it caused damage to the lungs, which caused damage to the heart, and then to the brain.  And what you may or may not see in your child is a progressive lethargy, more sleepiness, maybe behavioral changes after getting out of the pool with a little breathing difficulty. But often, you can contribute that to normal toddler behavior. And that's what makes it so scary. If there is something that happens that you think our child may have inhaled too much water, then you are better off in the E.R. being observed by a doctor for a day or two."

 Dr. Dalton adds the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its guide to parents on when kids should learn how to swim. For a long time, age 4 was the magic number to teach you kids to swim,   but now the thinking is that kids even as young as one can benefit by swim lessons in learning how to be comfortable in the water.

No matter how well of a swimmer a child is, adult supervision is still the number one preventive way to keep your child safe when they enjoy a dip in the pool. Don't rely on floaties, even the floaties can put children at a awkward position that could cause them to inhale/drown.     

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