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The Rain-X: Does It Work?

With Rain-X With Rain-X
Without Rain-X Without Rain-X

When it rains it pours in west Texas, and sometimes it makes looking out your windshield almost impossible. Not anymore, maybe. A product called Rain-X claims it's the invisible windshield wiper that will dramatically improve wet weather driving visibility with or without wipers, but Does It Work?

Before we get started, the instructions say we must clean the surface before testing the Rain X. Once we get the surface clean and dry, we can proceed with the test. That step didn't take long.

I applied the Rain X to a clean paper towel. The solution was clear in color and smelled like alcohol. We rubbed the Rain X in a circular motion, making sure a hazy film remained on the windshield.

Then we wiped the windshield clean again.

With a couple of quarters, I was able to recreate a rainstorm for the test. Take a look at the difference. As one side is blurry and hard to see out of, the other side beads up and rolls off the windshield.

The Rain X was working on the treated side a lot better than the other side that didn't have any protection.

Looks like we have a winner here, the Rain X is an excellent product. It works!

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