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Consider This... LISD dress code is important

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - I've been watching all of the changes in the Lubbock school system the past year and I'm pleased to say for the most part they are positive.

Look no further for evidence of that than the big increases in TAKS scores at Estacado High School.  This is a major accomplishment and is to the credit of new superintendent Karin Garza and her new administration.

Other good things are happening and I think by in large Lubbock is moving in the right direction. I do, however, think we've taken a step backward in our dress code policy. Last week, the school board voted to basically allow longer hair and earrings for boys. The district says principals needed a policy that is "enforceable" and should be spending their time on other issues related to the classroom. 

Consider this; I think how a student is allowed to dress has a direct impact on their attitude and education. Lowering the standards of what is acceptable only sends a signal that less is expected. I don't buy for a minute that this or any policy in school cannot be enforced. You enforce the policies you want to enforce and I believe this one is more important to parents than the district realizes. 

I doubt the district would adopt this dress code for teachers, so why should we expect less from the students? And by the way, although there are other districts in the state with similar dress codes, Lubbock ISD's new policy is now the most lenient of all three districts in Lubbock.

Not only do I disagree with this new dress code, I believe we should be going the other direction and raising the standard, not lowering it.

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