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Food for Thought Report 5.8

City health inspectors performed 53 food establishment inspections this week, and with so much on their plate, you can bet there's a lot on ours too.

We haven't seen any schools in a while, but we're heading back to the cafeteria.

We begin at Evans Junior High School at 4211 58th St. Zero critical violations means the Evans gang has a top performing certificate coming their way.

Whiteside Elementary at 7508 Albany is another Top Performer this time--the cafeteria there also earns a perfect score.

Irons Junior High received one critical violation this week--a knife was found with a broken tip. Food contact surfaces, equipment and utensils must be in good repair. The report shows the violation was corrected on site.

Now on to this week's Top Performing restaurants. Chick-Fil-A inside Covenant at 3525 19th St. has zero critical violations. 

So does Jazz. Located at 3703 19th Str., this Louisiana style spot is also a Top Performer.

America's drive in brings it home this week, Sonic at 4611 34th St. receives a perfect score.

We start the Low Performers at TGI Friday's at 6201 Slide Road where five critical violations were found.

  • Chicken, cheese and mayonnaise were being held at 50 degrees or warmer. Cold foods must be kept at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • A covered beverage was sitting on a shelf with clean glasses.
  • And a cook was washing hands with gloves on and not changing gloves when changing tasks.
  • There was no soap or paper towels at a hand sink in the bar. Dishes were not being properly sanitized.
  • A batter station was not cleaned every 4 hours, and there were damaged food containers being used for storing food and a beverage gun was sitting in stagnant water.

The Manager at TGI F Friday's told NewsChannel 11 they take the health and safety of all of their guests very seriously, all violations were corrected on site and at no time were there guests or employees ever at risk. The report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Texas Land and Cattle at 7202 Indiana is next with five critical violations. Violations including:

  • Cheese found at 58 degrees and egg mixture found at 52 degrees. Cold foods must be kept at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • An employee was using a soiled apron to wipe hands.
  • A date marking system was not accurate or maintained--a product had no date mark and a product had an expired date.
  • Toxic items were not properly labeled.
  • Food contact surfaces were not cleaned.

The Manager at Texas Land and Cattle told us everything was corrected that day--the report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Next it's Cheddar's at 4009 South Loop 289 where five critical violations were found.

  • Cheese was found and 59 degrees and pasta was found at 63 degrees.
  • There was improper handling of ready to eat foods--food products were being handled without gloves, utensils or hand sanitizer.
  • There was cross contamination potential--wiping rags were stored on a cutting board.
  • The date marking system was not adequate--some items did not have expiration dates.
  • Toxic items were not properly labeled.

The Manager at Cheddar's told us the restaurant has recently come under new management and they are making corrections and changes everyday, with their customers' safety in mind. The report shows all critical violations were corrected on site.

China Town at 5217 82nd Street had eight critical violations.

  • Egg rolls being cooked at 75 degrees and rice inside at cooler found at 150 degrees.
  • Food was found stored on a floor and some food was found to be aging and crusted.
  • Raw meat was found near vegetables, eggs were stored over ready to eat products and food was not protected during storage.
  • There was improper date marking.
  • No paper towels were found at a hand washing station.
  • A live insect was found by the back door.
  • A bottle containing toxic material was not labeled.
  • Food contact surfaces, including cutting boards, utensils and food containers were not clean or maintained.

When we called China Town, we were told the owner was not there to give a response about the restaurant's inspection report and maybe he would be back later. We phoned again and still no owner--the report shows one critical violations was corrected on site.

Powell's Catering at 7729 19th Street gets things started with four critical violations.

  • Personal drinks found on the counter.
  • There was improper use of sanitizer rags--soap was being added to bleach water.
  • Potentially hazardous ready to eat food items were not being date marked.
  • Toxic items were found stored near the food prep area.

The manager at Powell's had no comment on the inspection report, the report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Stockman's at 8222 University is next on the list with four critical violations.

  • Good hygiene practices were not being followed--drinking containers were found near the food prep surface and on a shelf with clean dishes.
  • Molded lemons were found inside a walk in unit. A
  •  date marking system was not being maintained.
  • Toxic items, specifically sanitizers, were not being properly stored or used.

A co-owner at Stockman's said the lemons arrived from their supplier in the condition the inspector found them, and that they were still boxed up. He said they have dealt with the supplier on that issue. He also said one of the sanitizing solutions used in the restaurant is meant to be sprayed and left on food contact surfaces, and the bottle had been left near the food prep area. He said this is the first regular inspection for Stockman's and it's an ongoing learning process, and they now know which areas need to be addressed and where employees need retraining. The report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Next is Skillet's at 6622 I-27 where seven critical violations were found.

  • Vegetable soup left at room temperature to cool.
  • Ham was found on a serving line at 53 degrees--cold foods must be kept at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • An open drink container was found in on a food prep surface.
  • Onions were found to be spoiled.
  • Eggs were found in a walk in stored above open ready to eat products and products were found stored with no lid.
  • Date marking was not accurate on all products--some labels were left on containers from other foods.
  • Food contact surfaces were not being maintained--containers were found cracked, soiled and heavily damaged.

We spoke with the manager at Skillet's who told us the restaurant came under new management three weeks ago and many changes have taken place including new equipment.  She sais everything is running smoothly now.  The report shows all violations were corrected.

China Star at 1919 50th St. gets seven critical violations.  Violations including:

  • Proper cooling not being achieved--food products were being held at room temperature to be cooled.
  • Potentially hazardous foods were found at off temperatures--honey dew melon was found at 57 degrees and sweet and sour chicken was found at 61 degrees.
  • A hand sink was being used for purposes other than hand washing, open drink containers were found throughout the kitchen and employees were using tobacco products in the kitchen.
  • Some potentially hazardous ready to eat foods did not have proper expiration dates.
  • Equipment and other items were blocking hand washing facilities.
  • Toxic items were stored above food and contact surfaces.
  • There was improper sanitizing during manual ware washing.

The Manager at China Star told NewsChannel 11 everything had been corrected. The report shows that as well.

Last in this report is Taco Village at 1712 3rd St. where 10 critical violations were found.

  • An employee was observed handling soiled dishes and putting away clean dishes without washing hands.
  • An uncovered employee drink was found in the food and drink service area.
  • Dented cans of tomatoes were found on service shelves.
  • No hand sanitizer was provided at a hand sink or at a food service prep area.
  • The vent hood in the back of the kitchen was soiled, and dripping into the fryer and the burners.
  • There was no hot water pressure at the rear hand sink.
  • A hand sink in back was blocked by a card board box and a hand sink in the front did not have a working drain.
  • No towels were provided at a hand sink in the employee restroom, and the sink was soiled.
  • An unlabeled spray bottle was found in the front service area.
  • The interior of a microwave and an ice machine were coiled, and the exterior of a large mixer was soiled.

The Manager was not available for comment when we called Taco Village, the report shows nine critical violations were corrected on site.

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