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Coronado Students Get a Taste of REALITY

High school graduation is just a few weeks away and area schools want to make sure all students walk across the stage. The message: don't drink and drive. On Thursday Coronado High School students watched six of their own fight for their lives in a mock car crash scene.

"Shattered Dreams" is a program that encourages high school students to make responsible decisions, regarding drinking and driving. It's a two day set up with student actors and real law enforcement officers tending to a crash scene as if it were real. Real or fake, students say the mock drill was chilling.

Emergency workers frantically try to save six teenagers. This two car accident, shocked the Coronado High School student body as they heard one student was dead on the scene.

"Time of death is going to be 11:20," said the Medical Examiner on scene.

As one student is placed in a hearse, four others are rushed to the hospital. "I was really shocked that they made it look so unbelievably real, those are my friends out there," said Tori Chambley, CHS Senior.

The driver, able to walk away from the accident, failed a sobriety test and was taken to jail. "I got a message that you can't just go out and think it won't happen to me because every 15 minutes someone dies from a drunk driver and it shouldn't happen to a brother or sister or a father or mother and it's really sad and I hope people understand that this is real and it needs to stop," Chambley said.

"It's amazing I don't understand how people can make such stupid decisions and end up in situations like this its really scary and I hope everybody thinks the same," Morgan Kirkpatrick, CHS Senior said.

Students watch as firefighters have to pry the door off the car to remove the other victims, their blood splattered across the vehicle and their body's. "I'm afraid that people will think, 'Oh this is stupid I've done this a million times it won't happen to me' but it takes only one time to kill someone," Chambley said.

"Saturday is prom night and that's typically a pretty big party night and we just want the kids to see visually what can happen with drinking and driving," says Carolyn Lackey, Shattered Dreams, Chairman said.

The Shattered Dreams program continues tomorrow with a video assembly of the mock day. TABC officers have also started a campaign for students targeting alcohol violations during prom and graduation time. They sent a letter to local school administrators assuring they'd be out in full force in an effort to protect the community.

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