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Pooper Scooper Law Proposed for Lubbock

At Thursday's city council meeting, DeLinda Harrell proposed forcing dog owners to pick up what their pets leave behind.

If you've been out to the Tech Terrace Park, you may have seen a Mutt Mitt Dispenser. After your dog does his business, you just reach in, grab a 'Mutt Mitt', slip it on, pick up the mess and dispose of it.

There are about six of them around town, and Harrell wants many more. She also wants a law on the books that makes it illegal if you don't clean up after your dog in public.

Take a stroll through any park, at just about anytime of day, and you'll find dog owners giving their best friends room to roam. It's a pleasing sight, but what dogs sometimes leave behind isn't so pleasant. "You're talking about major problems here. You're talking about a litter box," says Harrell.

Some big dogs can leave behind a mountain of manure. DeLinda Harrell says dog waste left in public places is a legitimate public health hazard. Harrell says the problem in Lubbock is getting worse. So Thursday, she took the odious issue before city council.

Harrell says the law could be simple. Just fines for people who don't obey. She says she doesn't want it to be harsh, just something people know will cost them if they don't follow it.

Pets Plus Owner Richard Evans says he likes the idea of a 'pooper scooper' ordinance. He says he's got plenty of gadgets under $15 that can make quick work of a little doggie doo.

Many communities have pooper scooper laws, but have problems enforcing the law.

Harrell proposes giving police, animal control and city health inspectors authority to write citations. She says they don't have to go looking for violators, just issue tickets if they catch someone in the act.

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