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UBS Needs O Negative and Platelets

If you are O Negative, you are even more valuable now to Lubbock's blood supply since the shelves are empty for that blood type.

United Blood Services says it is also suffering a dire need for platelets, a component of blood used to help premature babies and cancer patients. Of course, all blood types are appreciated, and when you donate, you'll appreciate six new Trima machines at UBS, which make it more comfortable for the platelet donor and easier for the technicians.

For one, a computerized screen spells out what you can give and how much longer it will take. Donors who give the maximum no longer need to give from both arms. Instead, the machine can separate the various blood components with just one little stick in the arm.

You can arrange a time to donate at UBS by calling (806) 797-6804 .

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