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Former Lubbock employee fired suddenly, mysteriously from San Marcos

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A former City of Lubbock employee makes statewide news. Without much warning with absolutely no public explanation the San Marcos City Council fired Rick Menchaca late Friday.

Already photos and documents about Menchaca have been erased from the San Marcos web site.  Menchaca graduated from Texas Tech and started his career as a budget analyst for the city of Lubbock. He settled out of court with Midland in 2007 for nearly half a million dollars when people felt like he was too harsh on a Midland police officer. But he was under fire one year later for exactly the opposite reason related to a police officer in San Marcos. Menchaca was appointed by both Governors George W. Bush and Rick Perry to the $15 billion Texas Municipal Retirement System.

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