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Lubbock to Assist in OKC Tornado Relief

A massive relief effort is already underway, which includes Lubbock's chapter of the American Red Cross.

Oklahoma firefighters have been going from one wrecked home to another, spray painting big red x's across the rubble if no one is trapped there. Relief crews are also providing hot meals and dry beds to the hundreds who have been left homeless.

On Friday, Lubbock's Red Cross unit headed that way to provide their support. It's a scene becoming all too familiar in Oklahoma City. Just four years after a mammoth tornado ripped through parts of the city and some of its suburbs.. another one hit, taking almost the same path.

All totaled, Thursday's tornado destroyed more than 300 homes and businesses, and injured about 100 people. "We're on our way to Oklahoma today to assist in the relief service there. We understand that a severe tornado hit the city yesterday (Thursday). We were alerted last night and this morning we are headed out," says Lubbock Red Cross volunteer and Disaster Action team captain Ysidro Gutierrez. Gutierrez is one of two Lubbock volunteers on the way to help. Gutierrez says for the next few weeks they'll provide assistance from a mobile relief unit. They'll serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, and assist with first aid.

Relief that will certainly be welcomed with open arms. The storm ripped apart brick homes and tossed big rigs on their sides, but amazingly, not one death is being reported because of the storm.

Oklahoma's governor accesses the damage at $100 million. The relief effort will be huge, and the Red Cross of Lubbock says they could always us more volunteers. If you're interested in Red Cross national deployment training, you can call them at (806) 765-8534.

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