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Power of Prayer Works Big Miracles Over the Air Waves

Many of us listen to the radio when in our cars, at home, or even while we're at work, but one local radio station is not just playing the latest music hits to draw an audience.

KAMY 90.1 may be a small radio station, but they're working big miracles over their air waves. Five days a week, they dedicate 30 minutes to one thing -- prayer.

It's a local radio show with a twist, and led by a not-so-ordinary DJ who's bringing Lubbock the Power of Prayer.

The airwaves at KAMY belong to Steve Doles Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. For a half hour, he won't be playing the greatest hits, he'll be hosting his own radio show called "Pray Lubbock." Steve takes personal prayer requests.

"This ministry on the radio is a ministry to allow the city to come together in a prayer meeting. It's not just about me praying for prayer requests, it's about allowing many people across the area to pray for these requests that are called in," says Doles.

He also prays for those who don't call.

"We feel that prayer is the beginning of anything God does. We don't orchestrate anything that happens that's good in the kingdom. It all begins with prayer," he says.

And ends with praise from listeners who call back after their prayers were answered.

"We've had requests, a lady who called in with a mammogram, and they were fearing that it was going to be cancer and just praying that it would be benign, and she called back to praise God that it was," says Steve.

Prayers about everything from good health to helping a loved one change for the better.

"(A young man) had written a letter to his grandmother and to his parents explaining how he needed to change his life around, and he was so sorry for what had happended and he wanted to get back involved with the family -- so these requests are day-to-day needs of citizens of the city calling in for prayer, and we're seeing God respond and answer those prayer requests," he says.

The key, Steve says, is unity through the Power of Prayer.

"The bible says where two or three are gathered the Lord is also. There's power in united prayer. This prayer ministry on the radio is just that. It's not just me praying. It's united prayer. There's so many people that are praying with us. The power is coming from that united aspect. We're not attempting to try to change anything according to our plan. The whole purpose is that God's will would be done. That's our prayer, that we be tools in God's hands to accomplish his purposes in all situations."

You can call in prayer requests or just listen to "Pray Lubbock" Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on 90.1 FM. That number is (806) 794-1766.

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