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StrollerFit moms on parade

When you watch the 4th on Broadway parade this Saturday, it might look like some moms jumped off the sidewalk to stroll down Broadway - literally with their kids in strollers. But actually, they will be demonstrating a new kind of fitness called 'StrollerFit'. 

StrollerFit is a surprisingly strenuous workout geared toward new moms, or any mom who is trying to get rid of that leftover baby weight."We have a really good time and it's a good way to get out and make some new friends," says Jill Roberts.

Another mom, Kendra Mells, adds, "It's great for the kids to see. It gets them started early on exercise." Janelle Crone says she loves it because she can get the exercise she needs without worrying about her little girl. "She gets to enjoy the outdoors with me and it's really a workout," she says.

The group meets for one hour sessions at a park with a track. That's important because these women really use that track by running and pushing their kids on stroller wheels. In fact, some moms push two kids, which equal twice the weight and twice the workout.

The moms are moving for a solid hour but the kids get a break every mile or so to just sit and wonder while mom continues her workout chanting familiar toddler tunes. Remember "5 little monkeys sitting in a tree?" The youngest in the class are learning these little rhymes while watching their moms huff and puff through lunges and jumping jacks.

Jonna Byars leads the group. At 8 months pregnant herself, she says this is more than just a great way to work out without having to find a babysitter, it's proven therapy. "A lot of moms don't realize the social support they need when they have a new baby. It's a really stressful time and they get that here. There's some research proving showing that this is one of the best treatments for post partum depression because the exercise you get, the endorphins from that, and then the social support of people in the same life stage," Byars says.

Again, you'll see the StrollerFit moms in Lubbock's 4th of July parade on Saturday, but you don't have to be in the class to join the fun Saturday. Jonna says anyone is welcome to bring a stroller and join the group in this 1.4 mile parade down Broadway.

For information on what to wear and where to meet for the parade, see below:  

StrollerFit is walking in the fourth of July parade. The parade is on Saturday July 3rd!!
It is FREE to participate and non-members are WELCOME walk with us.
PLEASE join us if you can!! It is a lot of fun!!!
If you are walking with StrollerFit. PLEASE wear a SOLID RED t-shirt or tank top and Black bottoms.
We will meet at 8:30am on Main Street (between Ave. M and N.) We also need some dads to walk with us to help hand out brochures.

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