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Peggy Merimon funeral Saturday morning

By Michael Slother- email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Peggy Merimon will finally be laid to rest this weekend. The Merimon family will bury Peggy Saturday morning at 11 a.m. at Trinity Christian Church in Lubbock. The burial will follow at Resthaven Memorial Park.

Friday the family held a private memorial for Peggy. KCBD NewsChannel 11 got a chance to speak with her husband Gearl before it began.

Gearl said he's glad to have closure after nearly 4 years of searching. We asked him what he'd say to Peggy if she were still here.

"I would say that I miss her smile, and I miss her kindness and her love. That's companionship, I think that's what it is."

Saturday will be bittersweet for Gearl. It's he and Peggy's 24th wedding anniversary. He said the timing was right.

"She's looking down on us. I think she'd be happy about how everything came out," Gearl said.

Four years after she disappeared, Peggy Merimon's body was found on May 8th, by a man on an ATV in North Lubbock County. When Peggy Merimon and Kay Harrelson disappeared from the Lubbock State School in 2006, searchers found Harrelson's body 11 days later, but they spent months looking for Merimon.

Harrelson's body was found about 12 miles from the area where Merimon's remains were found. Searchers say they had been near the area before. In September, police arrested Mickey Patterson, one of Harrelson and Merimon's co-workers, for both murders even though they only had one body at the time.

His trial was to begin on June 1st, but due to the discovery of Peggy, the trial was postponed.

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