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Animals Caught on a Hidden Camera

People are often caught on tape, for a funny video clip or in the act of doing something wrong. But have you ever wondered what man's best friend does when no one is looking?

Well we did, so NewsChannel 11 set up hidden cameras to watch the pets of some station employees.

Bobby Maxey and her family are what you'd call animal lovers to the extreme.

"We can't say no, we like to call our house the 'Maxey home of wayward animals'. Gracie we got at a party, Layla just showed up in the yard a year ago, and we fell in love with her and she's been a wonderful dog. And Huckleberry was abandoned at another town and taken to a rescue home and they called and said this dog needs a home and we said 'ok."

The Maxey's also have another dog outside, an outdoor cat, three horses and two prairie dogs. Bobby says they stay quite entertained with their pets, but most of their mischievous acts she thinks she sees.

"Layla we can put in our dog run before we leave and she will beat us around to the front yard before we can get there, can't keep her pinned up," Maxey said.

She can also let herself out the front door, carefully though so Huckleberry doesn't escape. But when no one was around... Layla crawled on the couch and slept the entire time our cameras were rolling. Huckleberry, wandered aimlessly throughout the house, occasionally taking a rest, but we did see him have a little accident on the rug when only the cameras were looking.

"Buster is about nine years old but he doesn't know it, he thinks he's a puppy still," Karin Slyker said.

Karin has one dog and two cats, the cats stayed in hiding while our camera's rolled but Buster was very active. "He loves to push giant tennis ball all over the yard, he's a soccer playing dog, he'll run it as fast as he can, he'll run it into a fence and just barely stop short of smashing his own face into the fence", Slyker said.

But when Karin left for work the fun was over, Buster barked, and barked, and barked. Pacing from the front door to the front window, barking for 24 minutes straight. Maybe that's why Karin's family loves Buster so much, because when they get home he's exhausted and calm.

Then there is Willis. "Willis is a mut and he'll turn five in June," Cecelia Coy said. Cecelia has had Willis since he was a puppy, she says when she's around he's good, but when no one's home?

"I know he's very curious, very noisy, he's always getting into things, if I leave the trash out he'll sort through and find wants he wants and makes a big mess," Cecelia said.

That's exactly what he did. Six minutes after Cecelia left Willis began sorting through the kitchen trash, one item at a time, dining on left overs.

Is there anything that would surprise you that he does when your not home? "Oh yeah, anything I tell him not to," Coy said. From chips, to peanut butter, to some foil special, Willis was busy.

"This is Tippy and she's my baby since college, and she is very good, a very good girl, she's 7. I really wanted a Dachshund and she is four and she's the worst dog ever," Mandy Lawrence said.

According to Mandy, Tippy is an angel. But Tootsie has accidents, barks a lot, and gets into things. While we were there the dogs were very active, so we were curious to see what they'd do when no one was home.

"They sleep, I think there's a lot of lounging going on. I would be very surprised if Tippy did any thing wrong," Mandy predicted.

Mandy was right, Tippy with her halo, laid down for an afternoon rest, but Tootsie was pretty innocent too. She wandered a bit then drug the blanket right between our cameras and slept the rest of the day.

So maybe animals aren't that bad when left alone, I mean all we found was one little accident, an extreme barker, and a really hungry dog.

Our hidden camera investigation proves, every dog is different. Chances are if your pets are active when you come home, they've probably slept all day. But if your pets are calm and lazy at night, there's no telling what they've been up to.

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