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Drowning Victim Mourned by Friends and Family

"I could tell by his eyes that something was bad wrong," said Wayne McIntyre. The news was delivered by a family friend. His son, 20-year-old Brandon McIntyre, on Sunday, was a drowning victim on Lake Alan Henry.

"I viewed him today (Monday), and that's when it set in," he said. "I really didn't believe it until I was at the funeral home today. Sometimes I zone out and get stuck, my chest hurts, it feel real empty," said McIntyre.

Kind, gentle, big hearted, and mellow. On Saturday afternoon Brandon and two friends were swimming in the lake when things went horribly wrong. According to authorities, the three friends were heading back to shore when Brandon called for help. His friend turned to see Brandon's head slip under water. He was able to grab him but Brandon struggled, breaking free. His friend then dove underneath Brandon, pushing him up by his swimsuit. But Brandon continued to fight, slipping away into the lake. It would be 16 hours before his body would be found.

"People think they're safe on the water and they're not," said Garza County Constable Daniel Yarbro. He patrols the lake, a body of water 11 miles long with an average depth of 40 feet, claiming upwards of seven lives over the past 10 years. "The victim in the drowning was approximately 50 feet off the shore when he was recovered," said Yarbro.

A victim who had plans for his summer all sewed up. "This summer when I go to hang dry wall, he ain't going to be there with me," said childhood fried Chris Baker. His body language speaking louder than any words of grief. "I'm a guy, I don't like to show my emotions," he said, sitting motionless, devoid of any energy.

"We're just trying to remember the good times," said another friend. A sorrow and shock that reached beyond family and friends, even impacting the men who've seen it before. "Do you ever get used to it?," a reporter asked Constable Yarbro. "No," he shot back. "No... you can't. You can't get used to it," said Yarbro.

"I'm glad he touched my life. Wouldn't have been the same without him," said Brandon's father.

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