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The future of Starbucks on 82nd and Quaker

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's been almost four days since the roof collapsed at the Starbucks 82nd & Quaker location because of the recent rainfall.

Thanks to some quick thinking by a store manager no one was hurt Saturday night when the roof came down. "Most of these people I see are our regulars that come through every day or on Sunday. They're just getting a cup of coffee and come here and they get to see this," store manager Matt Coffin says pointing at the collapse roof.

Engineers in hard hats were inspecting the building Wednesday morning. City officials say most of the Starbucks' building structure will be salvaged, but they will need to redesign a new and improved roof. They plan to reopen in a few months.

"This is just a building. We can live with that, that can be repaired and rebuilt. The important thing is that everyone got out safely," says the store manager.

In the meantime, one store's bad roof is another coffee shop's jolt of new business. People are headed across the street to Daybreak Coffee in the Kingsgate shopping center to get their caffeine fix. And this local coffee joint can't stop raving about the increased business.

"We've seen a lot more customers coming in. A lot more than usual. A lot of people that aren't usually coming in. We're actually having to add people to the schedule," says Daybreak coffee manager Nichole Dziuk.

Daybreak does not use the regular Starbucks tall, grande and vente lingo, but it will accommodate for all the customers who come for their cup of joe. "A lot of people ask for cappuccino's because that's not what we serve here. It's always funny, people asking for different drinks Starbucks makes. We can accommodate to everyone though," says Dziuk. 

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