About Our Restaurants

What Is It:
The GO TEXAN Restaurant Program, established in January 2008 as a part of the Texas Department of Agriculture's GO TEXAN Certification Program, links participating Texas restaurant establishments to local producers and other Texas-grown or processed food products to bring the quality of Texas to the table!

Locate participating members by checking the online GO TEXAN Restaurant Program listing below. Check back with us as we continue to build our membership.

At A Restaurant: 
Look for the easy-to-spot decals in the window of restaurants participating in the program.

In Your Community: 
restaurant members are often involved in a variety of fun activities and events throughout the year. You can find restaurant members at events such as Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival in Austin, the New World and Wine Food Festival in San Antonio and Wine Week in the Woodlands in Houston.

For a list of events and activities near you, click on the GO TEXAN
Web site Members Corner Mark Your Calendar tab.