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Playa lakes continue to drain but rain could add problems

Rain continues to fill the playa lakes causing pressure in the underground drain pipes.

Friday afternoon at 54th and Salem, pressure on the drainage system caused the cap of one manhole to burst. Since then the flowing water has been transferred down on 55th to direct water away from residential areas into Dupree lake.

City officials say the only solution is for the rain to subside. "There's nothing we can do till the lakes level off. The more we get of the rain it's going to do the same thing.The system's doing what it's supposed to do but of course we have rain falling forever and we just can't carry the amount of water that we're getting," says the paved street supervisor, Brian Bearden.

Lakes around Lubbock continue to drain but rain in the forecast might add more problems.

Areas like Lakeridge Golf Course is still a underwater from the heavy rains, forcing the Jerry Gray Golf Tournament to be moved to the Meadowbrook Golf Course on Monday.

Residents originally thought this was just a water main break. They said the manhole has already been flowing for about a week.

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