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New TTU trainer involved in lawsuit for player mistreatment

Arnold Gamber Arnold Gamber

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech's newest athletic trainer is coming under fire because of a lawsuit from his previous employment.

On Thursday, Texas Tech announced the hiring of Arnold Gamber. Gamber served as the head athletic trainer for Tommy Tuberville for 10 seasons while at Auburn, and now he will call Texas Tech home, but as he is about to get a fresh start, questions are being raised about his past.

"We can't make this stuff up, someone who was writing a novel, would be hard pressed to come up with this story," said Mike Leach's attorney Ted Liggett.

Liggett says the hiring of trainer Arnold Gamber only pushes Leach's case further. "Mike leach was really fired, because the board of regents weren't happy with the contract that we were able to negotiate for mike, now what makes this story interesting and relevant, is that it goes a long way in showing that the excuse tech gave for firing mike is totally implausible," said Liggett.

Back in December leach was fired because of allegations that he mistreated player Adam James.

Texas Tech announced the hiring of Gamber on Thursday, but Gamber is dealing with his own lawsuit. He is being sued by former Auburn football player Chaz Ramsey who says he was mistreated by Gamber in such a way as to cause a career ending back injury.

"I would now expect just based on allegations alone, for the James family to demand that this trainer be fired the way they did just based on allegations that mike was fired," said Liggett.

But the Texas Tech Athletic Department stands by their hire, releasing this statement: "We were aware of the lawsuit against Arnold Gamber, and we did our due diligence in the hiring process. We talked to the team doctor at auburn as well as other employers of Arnold. All confirmed that he is one of the top college football athletic trainers in the country."

Texas Tech can't be all that concerned about the safety of student athletes as being their front and center focus when they hire, just on its face, a trainer that has been alleged to hurt a student athlete.

But Texas Tech's attorney Dicky Grigg says the university's hire has nothing to do with the Leach lawsuit.

He released this statement: "This is another desperate attempt by Leach's lawyer to use a situation completely irrelevant to his case to deflect attention from his own client's poor decisions. Coach Tuberville has worked with Arnold for a number of years and has the highest level of confidence that the well-being of student-athletes is Arnold's top priority."

Gamber's lawsuit is set to go to trial in February and Leach's is still months away.

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