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The Bug Wand: Does It Work?

When you spot a spider in the corner of a room, you don't have to swat it away with the house broom anymore because the 'Bug Wand' is here to help. This battery powered sucking machine claims it can suck the bugs instead of splattering them all over the place, but Does It Work?

The box says it's ideal for trapping spiders, bees, roaches, moths, flies and mosquitos and you never have to touch the insect.

This is how it works. It's long wand will help you reach tall places and then all you have to do is press the button.

I found a spider just hanging out in the corner of one of my rooms. But, not any more because the bug wand sucked it up. It was that simple! I put the cap on the wand and took the spider outside to let it hang out somewhere other than my bedroom.

Outside, I found an ant running around. The wand put a stop to that too. It sucked the ant up and the ant wasn't able to get out either.

I recommend this bug wand to anyone who hates bugs, touching bugs, or wacking bugs. It works!

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