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Salsa and guacamole top the charts on food-borne illnesses

By Karin McCay| email

Edited by Kristin Beerman | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - If you love to snack on chips and salsa, you're not going to like this headline.  The Centers for Disease Control says salsa and its first cousin, guacamole, are both a growing source of food-borne illness.  Apparently, the number of outbreaks linked to salsa or guacamole has been growing in recent years, accounting now for nearly one out of every 25 cases traced to a restaurant.

The CDC says these side dips have become so popular that restaurants often make them in large batches, which means a little bacterial contamination can affect a lot of hungry people.  Consumers can feel safe about salsa if they know restaurants are following government guidelines that include proper hand washing for employees and proper refrigeration for ingredients. 

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