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Heart Gallery displayed to find foster kids a "forever home"

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - If you have been to the South Plains Mall lately, you may have seen portraits of children displayed. "The Heart Gallery" chose roughly 45 children from various South Plains foster homes to showcase them to the public. The goal is to find each one their "forever family."

"In a world that says you're not special or they've got a tag on them that says foster child. And because of the removal from parents they have that stigma. To have them know that they are special and get pictures taken of them creates a pride," says Buckner Adoption Specialist Craig Lingford.

Each child is displayed with their biography. Many are older, some have brothers and sisters, or perhaps special needs.

One Heart Gallery child is 10 year old Jarrod. He loves to play all sports including basketball, football and golf.

"I have two irons and two drivers and a putter," says Jarrod.

He wants to find that special family he belongs to, but right now he's just happy he got a sponsor.

"I really wanted a sponsor, I was really excited when I heard of it and I liked them a lot."

A sponsor is someone or some family that cannot commit to adopting a child, but would like to spend time with a foster child until they find the right home.

If you are interested in finding out more information about these children or how you can help, just click here.

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