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Water water everywhere but not in Lake Meredith

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Like Lubbock, the area north of Amarillo has been hit with heavy rain.  One would think such rain would make a big difference to the lake that supplies Lubbock and 10 other West Texas cities with water.

But a chart with up to date information from the U.S. Geological Survey shows otherwise; Lake Meredith has come up less than an inch or so in the last week.  

According to USGS, Meredith was down to 43.85 feet on July 8th.  On Tuesday it was 43.92 feet deep; a difference of 0.84 inches.  Otherwise from May 15th to the present Meredith has been on an almost steady decline.  The mid-May increase was only three inches or so.   The lake can drop half an inch or more on any given day.

Lubbock is moving quickly to get Lake Alan Henry up and going before Meredith is so dry that it can no longer be used as a water supply.

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