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Consider This... City Hall needs restraints before cash

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - There is a showdown brewing; a face-off between the citizen managers of Lubbock Power and Light and City Hall politicians and bureaucrats.

The issue is whether or not to once again start using LP&L to pay for city services and projects. Specifically, City Hall is proposing LP&L start paying for city street lights. That could run three million dollars a year.

You'll recall a 2003 City Council put a halt to that kind of thing when they discovered LP&L was virtually bankrupt. LP&L was then separated from the money grubbers at City Hall and a private board of business folks was put in charge after a city wide vote.

Consider this: Did you know that LP&L has already started giving City Hall up to $6 million a year… money they can use for anything? And now they want $3 million more for street lights. What's next, the IT department? A million here, a million there, paying to bury the power lines downtown, and before you know it, we are right back where we were in 2003.

Understand this is a very serious vote for City Council. Once we open that door, history has proven it is hard to shut. And I'm not buying that LP&L is the only way we can give raises to city employees. In my opinion LP&L should only be paying the city what any other business does; a franchise fee and taxes. Anymore than that, and we are just looking to grow government.

I personally will be contacting Karen Gibson, my new councilperson, to give her my thoughts and would encourage you to do the same with yours. A district map and the City Council's email addresses have been provided so you can let your voice be heard.

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