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Ribbon cutting officially opens new Lubbock Jail

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After almost ten years of planning, Lubbock County celebrated the opening of the new county jail with a ribbon cutting Wednesday, July 14.

With a snip of the ribbon, the Lubbock County Detention Center was made official. Sheriffs from various departments across the state came to Lubbock for the ceremony.

The new $100 million facility can house 700 more inmates than the current jail and has plenty of room for expansion. The current jail holds a maximum of 795 inmates.

"What we've achieved here is a detention center that Lubbock County and the state of Texas can be proud of. It's safe and secure, and a humane facility for both staff and inmates. It's going to be efficient to operate, and it's a state-of-the-art design nationally," says David Gutierrez, Former Lubbock County Sheriff. "It provides opportunities for inmates to address the issues that got them here and try to make it so they don't return. The community's going to be safer for it."

The process of moving inmates will begin Monday, but could take several weeks to complete.

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