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New Treatment for Osteoporosis

The FDA has approved new treatment for patients with Osteoporosis. The drug is called Forteo.

It's the first in a new class of drugs called bone formation agents. In other words, it doesn't just slow or stop bone loss, it helps reverse the effects of the disease, building new bone growth.

On Thursday, in our segment HealthWise at Five, Dr. Michael Owen, a gynecologist in Lubbock, said baby boomers need to take notice that Osteoporosis is a crippling disease, and once the fractures begin, Forteo may be the best defense.

"77-year-old Louise Brown has suffered two fractures already. So now, for two months, her daughter has been giving her daily injections of Forteo to help re-build some bone. The needle is in a disposable pen device that works up to 28 days, in a therapy program that continues up to 24 months. Louise says a little sting every day is worth it if it will keep her upright and independent," says Michael Owen, gynecologist.

The best candidates for the Forteo injections are men or women who have a history of fractures, or who are high risk for fractures, or who have tried but failed in taking pills for Osteoporosis. If you are over age 50 and have already suffered a fracture, you might want to ask your doctor for a bone density test, and then talk about whether these new Forteo injections might help you prevent further bone loss.

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