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New developments in wind research could bring more wind farms to the South Plains

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A new entrepreneur wind service company in Lubbock is developing met towers to provide research in wind energy.

Met towers measure wind characteristics and are the crucial first step of wind farms. Without this research, wind farm developers would not know if the area is suitable for producing energy. 

Energy Resources, LLC, owned and operated by Texas Tech alumni, wants to be the leading company in wind research. "As the world in general starts looking for alternative fuels. Here in west Texas we do have a surplus of wind. And there's a corridor that runs through this area. We feel like putting up wind turbines can not only benefit this area but the entire United States," says Energy Resources, LLC production manager.

Over the past two years they've seen a dramatic response from people in the wind industry toward using the met meters, to determine if wind turbines can be based on the research.

The company sparked Reese Technology Center to start building their own wind turbines for research. "We will have research that leads to more efficient and practical use of wind to help wind grow out here," says the executive director of Reese Technology Center, Bill Miller.

One company - Pyco - has already jumped on this technology after seeing energy prices grow in 2006. "With that $2 to $2.2 million saving per year on a $6.5 million electric bill, we're looking at a 9-12 year payback on the cost of the turbines," says Pcyco process supervisor Jake Bentley.

Pyco says this alternative resource was just one of the pieces of the puzzle that helped their companies margins grow.

Now others are doing the same to make wind energy in the future Lubbock's new resource.

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