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Former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach releasing a book in January

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Former Texas Tech Mike Leach thinks he'll return to coaching college football.  But until then he's writing a book and is interesting in doing some sports broadcast. 

Leach went on 105.3 The Fan, which is a radio station in Dallas. He is promoting a book which he plans to release in January. He says he is working on a deal to do some broadcasting but did not give out details yet because he is still negotiating a deal. Meanwhile, the Dallas radio station asked Leach if he is bitter about having been fired. He says yes, "to a point."

"It's about money and it's about a few corrupt administrators there that at Texas Tech that signed an agreement that they at no point planned to honor," said Leach.

Texas Tech attorney Dickey Grigg responded in writing by saying:

Mike Leach would have you believe that this was part of some great conspiracy going back to when the contract was signed last February.  That is ridiculous, and is just a desperate attempt to distract you from the plain and simple truth. He would still be the coach at Texas Tech today but for the fact that he made a terrible decision when he irresponsibly placed a student-athlete with a brain concussion in small dark rooms for over two hours on two separate occasions.

He breached his contract and was terminated as a result of his bad decisions, his insubordination and his refusal to help resolve this situation.

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