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HealthWise at 5 From 5.19

  • Worms from Pets

Worms that affect your dog or cat can also infect you and your chilren. That's why the Center for Disease Control wants people to make sure their dogs and cats are given preventive medicine for hookworms and roundworms. The CDC warns that the eggs for those illnesses can easily get transmited to children playing in contaminated sandboxes or just by walking barefoot in an area where there's an animal accident. The fear here is that hookworm or roundworm can have complications that could lead to blindness or damage to internal organs. 

  • Aloe Gloves

On a related note, clean hands are good preventive medicine for many illnesses, but you can clean youself into trouble. If you're constantly washing your hands and wearing gloves, your skin can end up dry, ittitated and cracked. But a study by Northwestern Universtiy found that gloves lined with dried aloe vera gel will help soothe and heal previously irritatied skin. 

  • Kid's Teeth Website

A kid friendly website tells the "tooth" about teeth. A quick visit to that site will introduce kids to a lot of fun activites that also help them learn about taking care of thier teeth. Parents can also benefit from the site, learning tips for every age, from what to expect in baby's first tooth to important dental reminders during the teenage years. If you'd like this web connection, just (click here).

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