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White campaigns for governor in Lubbock


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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Democratic candidate for governor Bill White made a campaign stop in Lubbock Saturday.  White spoke with supporters about a number of issues.

He says, if elected, he'll lead the state in a business like, fiscally conservative fashion. On the issue of immigration, White says he'll ask for more help from the federal government, something he says his opponent, incumbent Rick Perry has not done.

"I want to have more enforcement of immigration laws, but I don't want anything to occur where somebody could be pulled over just because they look like they were a Mexican citizen.  We never want to denigrate that kind of citizenship just because somebody looks like a foreign citizen," White said. 

White is a strong believer in traditional energy, particularly natural gas, but he says new forms of energy, including wind and solar should be fields where Texas takes the lead. "When I was Mayor of Houston, the biggest public purchaser of wind energy from west Texas was not the federal government, was not the state government, but was the city of Houston when I was mayor, because I would much rather see us have jobs in energy from America, rather than importing fuel from abroad," White said. 

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